iBiotec PLASTIKOL T2 extreme pressure cutting fluid. Drilling, tapping, threading. Viscosity suitable for manual and automatic machine operations.

Complex mixture of additives with ver high film resistance and particularly high anti-welding capacity.

PLASTIKOL T2 is recommended :

  • For cutting and stamping of steel panels, particularly high-alloy steels and thick panels.

  • For high-throughout machining of extra-hard steels.

  • As an additive to conventional cutting oils.

  • As a drilling fluid for blind and open-ended holes of all diameters.

Non-adhesive product ensuring excellent evacuation of cutting, non-desiccant, non-stick. Suitable for all drilling dimensions, including very small diameters. May be used for deep boring operations and on hard metals. Manual, semi-automatic thread cutting.Tapping - Grooving.

This product extends the service life of taps and drill bits.

PLASTIKOL T2 is guaranteed free of chlorinated solvents and more particularly,

free of - 111- trichloroethane




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