GALVA ZN+ Ultra Gloss

GALVA ZN+  Ultra Gloss

iBiotec Cold galvanizing - Area covered per aerosol : 10 m2. Total protection against rust and corrosion for 5 years - Aerosol guaranteed butane-propane free.

Recommended for lasting protection of all ferrous and alloyed metal parts.

Heavy duty fast dry cold galvanising - High content in zinc

Metallisation, touch up for repair damage to galvanized surfaces

Finishing appearance ultra gloss

Salt spraying tested for over  2800H

Usable from -50°C to +550°C / Weldable-Paintable

The film stands out for its excellent appearance. Offers a constant-thickness coating with a homogeneous, glossy appearance.

This cold galvanisation treatment presents a host of advantages :

- Total galvanic protection based on the oxidation-reduction principle.

- Protection against thermal and chemical corrosion.


Film formed, with no runs, excess thickness or deterioration during application, on screwed assemblies.

Excellent coverage, quickly dust dry, enabling application on all types of site.

Perfect finish, ultra-glossy appearance.

No need to purge the aerosol after use.

Net weight : 522 g

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