Harmonic Filter resistors

Harmonic Filter resistors

Harmonic Filter Resistor : Ready for 1200kV network voltage.


Modern electrical equipment requires a stable voltage supply with low levels of harmonic distortion. However, electrical installations often generate interference causing disturbance to electrical networks.  This leads to various problems such as:

  • Overheating

  • Malfunctioning of control or remote monitoring systems

  • High currents in the different phases or neutral lines

  • Resonance problems


As a result it is necessary to have harmonic filters. These are basically composed of capacitors and inductors.           The addition of a resistor allows:

  • Easier filter tuning at installation,

  • Widening of the pass band,

  • Greater tolerance of temperature changes in the components.



  •  HDVC conversion stations (LCC & VSC)

  • Transmission voltage regulation

  • Power quality and transfer increase

  • Reactive power control

  • Voltage stabilization(Wind farm)

  • Dynamic voltage support (Railway)

  • Arc furnances, rolling mills (Metal)

  • Winders and crushers (Mining Industries)

  • Compressors, pumps and drill

  • Electrical propulsion and diesel systems

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