Souffl'ront industrial dust suppressants

Souffl'ront industrial dust suppressants

Souffl'ront CRC KF: ensuring security in the market for industrial dust suppressants

This high performance flammable dust suppressant that does not destroy the ozone layer can be used on energized equipment without danger to the user. It has a powerful breath and clean as free of impurities. For optimum accuracy, the dust suppressant has a capillary tube to be mounted on the sprayer to spray to achieve the objects and surfaces the most difficult to access. The power of his breath he also speeds up the drying time of the parts.
These advantages give it a reliability and efficiency essential to secure applications in the field of electronic maintenance, information technology, telecommunications, mechanics and electricity.
The Souffl'ront high security: a reliable answer to a market dominated by solutions highly "flammable"

The formulation of the dust suppressant in competition on the market with products packaged with 100% flammable gas. Especially since these often are wrongly called dry gas, dry air and thus are sources of serious accidents.
Indeed, making them based on butane and propane obviously allows to significantly reduce costs, but the mixture becomes highly dangerous to the user: Risk of explosion or appearance of flame when the product is released on devices on or still hot and turned off (eg photocopiers). It is important that the buyer is very careful and take into account the labeling of these products are required to symbolize his dangerousness by a flame. Their prices more attractive are also good ways to differentiate them safer alternatives such as high security Souffl'ront but whose application does not represent any risk to the user and his environment.

The Souffl'ront high security is available in compact (clean Aero Service), high-speed version (Aero clean Xforce) and spray that disperses the product in any position (Aero Clean XYZ).

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