AV-900 EX - Power cycling and test system for Battery high power

AV-900 EX - Power cycling and test system for Battery high power

The AV-900CE/900EX are AeroVironment’s heavy-duty test solutions. These systems are ideal for testing large hybrids, such as buses, trucks and military vehicles. With its high power capability, the AV-900 has been used to develop fuel cell buses and hybrid locomotives. The AV-900/900CE/900EX offers power up to 250kW, with a voltage range of 8 to 900VDC and a current range of ±1000ADC. And the new AV-900 EX can be controlled in parallel up to 1MW.

The AV-900 EX is the industry standard for high performance testing needs. AV-900 EX new digital control provides you with increased performance and accuracy.  The bi-directional system can operate at ±250kW, or combined, it can scale to ±1MW.

The CE mark is a mandatory European marking for certain product groups to indicate conformity with the essential health and safety requirements set out in European Directives.


  • Two channels for flexibility in testing/simulating multiple devices with a single machine

  • Multiple interfaces (Ethernet, CAN and Serial) for remote control

  • An open source communication protocol allows remote control of the equipment by 3rd party systems allowing easy integration into any test set-up.

  • Touchscreen LCD for local control and easy identification of operating state

  • Self-contained cooling system requiring no external cooling system

  • Scalable to 1MW

  • Regenerative to the grid, reduces energy use and heating

  • Industry leading accuracy

  • Slew Rates – Voltage 171V/ms; Current 769A/ms; Power 274kW/ms

  • Drive cycle simulation

  • Battery Emulation

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