iBiotec Demoplast 750 is a release agent for the plastics. It allows any operation of later coating by painting, screenprinting, sticking or any decoration.

Food grade certified - Certified NSF H1

Démoplast 750 has excellent non-sticking and lubrication properties, which makes it an ideal release agent in all processes of injection, extrusion, blowing, thermoforming or compression.

Demoplast 750 facilitates release of matters such as polyamids, ABS, polyurethans, epoxies, polyesters, rubbers...

It leaves a dry, very thin, non flowing fim allowing:

  • An any release, even for the most complicated forms

  • Obtaining an excellent surface quality of the released parts (allows to avoid the defects of surface such as roughness, scratches, wrinkles...)

It has no action on the majority of the plastics, rubbers and metal surfaces. Demoplast 750 doesn't generate corrosion on the moulds.

Demoplast 750 facilitates the ejection, eliminates the problems from bubbling or icing on the surface and makes it possible to obtain surface quallities of very high quality without roughness, scratches, wrinkles or tasks.

Allows :

  • Any operations of later coating

  • Painting

  • Screen and pad printing

  • Sticking on any decoration or chemical assembly

 Typical uses :

  • Automotive: Polishing and renewing agent for plastic, leather and vinyl

  • CONSTRUCTION: Waterproofing of stones, concrete, concrete blocks, framwork and timber structure

  • FOOD INDUSTRY: Anti-sticking treatment for molds, lubrication of conveyor belts, lubrication of guillotines.

  • PLASTIC INDUSTRY: Release agent for plastic and rubber parts

  • FOUNDRIES: Treatment of tools

  • MECANICAL ENGINEERING: Anti-spatter release agent for nozzles and  sheets metal

  • PAPER AND PRINTING INDUSTRY: Treatment of insulating paper, cutters, guillotines and dies

  • PACKAGING INDUSTRY: Anti-sticking treatment for conveyor belts, release agent for blister and skin packs.


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