Epoxy floor paint

Epoxy floor paint

An anti-dust and waterproof

Flooring two-component epoxy resin thin film, average thickness 0.8 mm to 1 mm

A epoxy resin, this flooring allows for treatment of concrete slabs to make them dustproof and waterproof, making them look nice.

Surface appearance: smooth

Usage: This flooring is intended for areas subject to traffic of average importance, garage, parking, warehouse, machine shop, etc. ...

Abrasion resistance, Taber according
Number of turns                      mass loss in g
Average wear: 500 rounds                 0.24
Intense wear: 1000 turns                  0.44

Use of mechanically stable supports, on New concrete aged at least 15 days and also on old concrete thoroughly clean and dry.

The average consumption 2.5 to 3 kg per sqm in two layers following support.

Commissioning (to 20 ° C):

Pedestrian traffic: 36 hours
normal traffic: 72 hours

Colour: RAL palette

Nature of work

Surface preparation:

Blasting, sanding or planing
Plugging holes and joints resin mortar

First layer: epoxy primer that contains silica
Second layer: two component colored epoxy finish.
Prices according to substrate conditions and surface.

The floor paint in brief

Two-component epoxy coating thin film, thickness 0.8 mm to 1 mm.

Other brands:

Solcolor SX
Solcolor EW
Solcolor leveling EW
Solcolor CW
Epoxy floor paint

CASA of reference for the application of engineering resins

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