Dot peen marking gun - MULTI4 New Generation

Dot peen marking gun - MULTI4 New Generation

To provide greater mobility to each operator, TECHNOMARK designed a hand held model new generation!

Fully researched, the hand held marking machine is perfect for permanent marking on large parts and difficult to reach surfaces.

Light and robust and portable characterize hand held model. Thanks to its battery system (option), the gun marking offers great freedom of use.

With its ergonomic design, it mark perfect quality characters in all positions.

Robust and very compact, it can be used in a workshop, or outdoors, for marking pieces of medium and large sizes parts.

MULTI4 products are adapted to various marking modes : text, variable data, serial number, data codes, logos, 2D codes on many different materials up to 63 HRC (steel, aluminum, stainless, titanium, plastic, wood...)



-Easier to use with simplified user interface and intuitive navigation,

-Better resolution and more intuitive with a high definition color screen and icon based navigation menu,

-More ergonomics and robust: new design and use of cast aluminum parts,

-Enhanced performance and more resourceful: increase of the marking speed, USB connexion, 40 Mb of memory.



-AUTONOMOUS: with (optional) battery kit, it can be used in locatios where an electric source is unavailable.

-STRONG: its cast aluminium frame makes i more robust ans stronger while diminishing maintenance needs.

-EASY TO USE: its specially designed locator allows for excellent support while marking.

-HANDY: an additional handle is mounted to the marking head for increased stability, regardless of head postion.



With the IDI Mark&Track feature, the quality of marking is ensured, whatever the difference in height between the part (flat or cylindrical) and the stylus. Its adjustment is managed by the Multi4 software.

Real-time Multi4 monitoring for analys of maintenance needs, stylus wear and detection faults (auto-diagnosis feature with 5 control points).


For more informations, refer to the new video.

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