6R ball valve with electrical actuator - Em-Technique

6R ball valve with electrical actuator - Em-Technique

Have you read about the new performance features of our 6R ball valve with electrical actuator yet?

New features and functions ensure even greater safety reserves, more convenient operation and absolutely accurate positioning, even for 5-way ball valves. Even at high switching frequencies, this fitting ensures extremely low power consumption while "keeping a cool head"...
The alternative to solenoid valves - the 6R ball valve

· With a full flow rate of up to 6 mm at 10 bar, these ball valves are an ideal alternative to solenoid valves, even in dirty or viscous media.

· The high-quality DC micro-motor with planetary gear ensures optimum control with very short switching times and without running hot.

· Wear-free Hall sensors act as position transducers, reporting the position of the ball directly to an integrated processor board => extremely low power consumption

· A port is available to connect a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Process Control System (PCS)

· The motor housing is made of impact-resistant PP => high resistance to media and corrosion => can be used even in aggressive environments

· The ball valve housing is available in PP, PVDF or PFA => high resistance to media

· Equipped with seamless G or NPT female threads as per DIN, USAS or JIS => wide range of connection options

· Reduced dimensions => the ideal solution for space-saving assembly

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