Electrically conducting connectors

Electrically conducting connectors

Electrically conducting: surface resistance of less than 10³ Ω or 10² Ω > safe protection against electrostatic chargesPVDF-EL, PTFE-EL > UV-resistant and block UV lightPP-EL > block UV lightExcellent chemical resistance

Complete range of equipment for explosion protection

All emtechnik products are designed to ensure optimum operational and production safety for our customers. With our dedication to quality, emtechnik has become a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance miniature fittings and connectors made from special plastics with excellent chemical properties. As a result, emtechnik is now also able to offer its extensive assortment of connectors, fittings and flexible tubes in the electrically conducting material variants PP-EL, PVDF-EL and PTFE-EL. Most thermoplastic polymers are normally electrical insulators. Using meticulously developed recipes for special plastics, however, the electrical properties can be modified from insulating to conducting. This provides protection against electrostatic charge. Otherwise a single spark could have catastrophic consequences. In applications ranging from chemical container installations to apparatus manufacturing to the electrical industry, utmost safety is always necessary when handling aggressive media in potentially explosive environments. To prevent electrostatic charges from accumulating, the high-performance materials PP, PVDF and PTFE are equipped with electrically conducting particles. This gives them a very low surface resistance of less than <10³ Ω or <10² Ω. For media that are sensitive to UV radiation, it is important for the materials to be dyed solid black to block all UV light. PVDF-EL and PTFE-EL materials are also UV-resistant.

Our products in these materials thus ensure maximum safety combined with impressive chemical resistance properties. If the product you want is not listed in our catalogue yet in an electrically conducting material, simply contact us!

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