Conference on \"The challenges of lighting and daylighting in co

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Conference on "The challenges of lighting and daylighting in commercial and industrial real estate"

Open Management Immobilierin partnership with Philips, is organizing a conference on June 23 under the theme "The challenges of lighting and daylighting in commercial and industrial real estate" is at the heart of the HQE Exploitation and method QSE .

The aim of the morning

The purpose of this morning will enable participants to exchange such professionals on the challenges of natural and artificial lighting in the areas of economics, the user comfort and carbon footprint.

The major issue of debate is likely to be the economic impact, as the share of lighting in the office building electricity consumption is 45% (source: EDF).

The lighting budget is a very important source of savings.

In addition the price of electricity will surge in coming years.
Indeed, in the words of Eric Besson, Minister of Industry Energy and the Digital Economy, during the round table "Les Echos" from February 10, 2011, "Energy prices, including the electricity, will tend to increase, it is inevitable. "
This is confirmed by changing the rules of the French electricity market:

  •     NOME Act apply from 1 July 2011

  •     End of the regulated tariff

  •     Case TARTAM.

Issues relating to the comfort and health of people working in the premises, as well as the environmental impact through carbon footprint, will also be discussed during the presentations of Speakers: Bernard Paul, will conduct a presentation on the challenges of light, the weight of artificial lighting, the impact of new technologies and new decision tools.

Bernard Paul, is an expert in the control and use of natural light, Associate Director of the company Estia, PhD EPFL, Architect DPLG,

Bertrand CHARLET, expose the artificial lighting innovative solutions.
Bertrand CHARLET is Key Account Manager of Philips,

Guy JEAN-CHARLES, will exhibit on the impact of lighting in commercial real estate and develop solutions that combine the reduction of fuel consumption and optimize the performance of lighting, a key to the HQE Exploitation and QSE method. JEAN-CHARLES Guy, is Associate Consultant of
Open Management Immobilier.

Through this conference, Open Management will therefore continue its efforts to adapt its services to meet the need for a transverse technical issues, economic and environmental, through its network of multidisciplinary experts.

The conference will take place at Haworth in Paris 16th.
Those wishing to receive a free invitation may contact the company
Open Management Immobilier.

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